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hard spl commercial

Ok so I have already unlocked one phone with the hard spl which was back when the hard spl first came out. however, that phone got screwed so i am sending it back to Verizon and they sent me a new one. i just flashed the stock rom and relocked the phone i am sending back. now im trying to unlock the new phone i got but i get an fatal error telling me that it is not for commercial use and that i have already used the unlocker once before and i need to contact some email. what the hell is up with that. first of all how the hell does it know i have used the hard spl before and what the hell difference does it make. it is a completely different phone and i tried it on 2 different computers. please some one help i need the phone unlocked and flashed with a new rom before i go on a trip in 2 days.
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