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m900 new user needs help

hey everyone. ive had a htc 6800 since 2007 and as it was a windows based phone the user face was easy to understand. well flashfoward to last wednesday i am now using Sprint and have the new samsung moment m900 and it is an android based phone. so far i havent told you anything you dont know already not trying to be a smartass but i wanted to lay down the background info on me so you can understand why im posting a new thread.

okay first some info for my phone
as it reads:
firmware version 1.5
kernal version2.6.27
hardware version m900.8.0

#1 okay so based on above#s^^^ do i have the most up to date software versions of this phone?

#2 every time i hit the end call button my screen goes blank/black and then when i hit it again i have to press menu to unlock my phone then draw my pattern to unlock it again. is there a way to disable the first menu lock feature and only have the draw lock as my official phone lock? this whole dbl unlock process also happens after my back light goes out and the phone goes into rest mode.

#3 is there a way that i can see all of the running programs i have at once? does the program i have running close as soon as i hit "home" or "back"? is there an app for this. it was a lot more user friendly on the windows phone.

ill probably have more question but i know with some reading ill find the answer to the future ones. i just really need specific answers for the above ones.

thanks in advance for the help

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