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removing carrier bloatware

I am almost done building a custom rom. Right now it boots fine and is really fast.
Is there a way to extract sprint bloatware during the rom build process? I have searched many forum but haven't found any solution yet. Under OEM\Device\OEMOperators, if i removed following portion, it boots without any sprint bloartware. Then I have to install sprint wwe customization to get my sprint settings back. But, I want to make this available to others (different carriers cdma) without bloatware (as requested by most).

"AlternateCapPackage"="\\Storage Card\\"
"AlternateCarrierDB"="\\Storage Card\\"
[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\EditContact\Browser Helper Objects\{A91E27F4-5644-404d-A802-8CE00FC1D531}]
"Depend89"=hex:14,00, 1e,00, 32,00


Above three lines doesn't see to affect anything during the initial boot. My phone will boot with or without it normally.

Please advise which route would be the best to remove unnecessary programs during the build or if there is a different better way.