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Sprint Free Guarantee

new news from sprint:

We love and believe in our products and services. We're confident you will too. That's why, starting April 1, 2010, as a new customer — or an existing customer adding a new line of service — we'll give you 30 days to try us for free.

If for any reason you're not happy and want to cancel service, just call us to deactivate your service, go to the original place of purchase to return your undamaged phone or mobile broadband card, and we'll:
  • Refund monthly charges incurred as part of your service plan*
  • Refund the activation fee
  • Refund the purchase price of your device
  • Waive the Early Termination Fee
  • Waive the restocking fee
  • Refund taxes and Sprint surcharges associated with the above charges
*You’ll be responsible for extras like usage not included in your plan, premium content, 3rd-party billing, international charges, and any taxes and Sprint surcharges associated with such extras.
Just one more thing we give you that our competitors don't. And one more reason why there's never been a better time to give us a try.

i spoke with a sprint rep regarding this and sero:

03/31/2010 01:40:53PMAgent (Jovanna): "OK, how may I assist you?"
03/31/2010 01:41:03PMjosh: "i have a sero plan (500 minutes - $30/month) and i am interested in trying a different plan in a couple of months. i see your plan says: "Return it for a refund and re-activate your old one. Want to go back to your old phone and plan? We can do that. If yo" ur old plan's no longer available, we'll find one that's comparable."
03/31/2010 01:41:21PMjosh: "in the event i can not get my plan back, there are no really comparable plans. what would i be left with?"
03/31/2010 01:42:41PMAgent (Jovanna): "May I ask would you be interested in data, messaging or just talk minutes?"
03/31/2010 01:43:22PMjosh: "data, i would be looking at making the switch for a new android device but i'm not sure if i will like it or if it will work with our computer system at work."
03/31/2010 01:44:15PMAgent (Jovanna): "The most cost effective plan would be the Everything Plus 500 data, this would be 59.99"
03/31/2010 01:44:52PMjosh: "so if i do make a switch and do not like it, i'm stuck with a plan that is double the price?"
03/31/2010 01:45:44PMAgent (Jovanna): "I do apologize in order to activate the Android device, this would be the option."
03/31/2010 01:46:11PMjosh: "if i made the switch and decided to go back, would i be able to get my sero plan back?"
03/31/2010 01:46:24PMjosh: "of course with my current phone, not the android phone"
03/31/2010 01:47:20PMAgent (Jovanna): "Because the plan is expired, once you are off of it we are unable to put you back on the expired plan."
03/31/2010 01:47:48PMjosh: "ok, so i better just stay where i am. thanks for your help!"
03/31/2010 01:48:28PMAgent (Jovanna): "You are very welcome"
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