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Re: WM 6.5.5 ROMS.Sense 2.5 Sprint&Generic

I got lured back to vin's ROMs because of WM 6.5.5. I've been impressed with the speed and stability of this ROM. There were a couple things that bothered me about this ROM: the purple HTC splash screens on boot, the transparent sliders, and the default blue/purple-ish WM theme. I wanted to share my efforts to find remedies for these issues. It took a lot of searching, but all the hard work paid off.

The transparent sliders had some issues with the alignment of the tab images and "New Messages" count. I was happy to find out that the "Sprint Plutonium_NO_Cookie+TV&Nav tabs" reverted back to the original non-transparent sliders. I hope this stays in this version of the ROM releases. In previous ROM releases, I was able to change the Sense slider using santod's tweaks: Sense 2.5}}{{3-6-10 **Stealth Quick Links, Stealth Slider, No Curtains, BG4all + ... but this only changed the Sense slider... it did not change the Contacts and Music tabs.

For the default WM theme, I prefer black. "HTC Black" had some graphical issues in some menus, especially in the Settings menus. I found the following theme by Livven: ... I was able to have a "Plain" black theme that hid the graphical issue with the phone canvas button in the toolbar.

As for the splash screen, it's a simple fix: Need Assistance Flashing The original Touch Pro2 Splash Screens not welcomehead.192

If anybody wants a different startup animation, here's the author of the current animation found in this rom: ... There are several different ones to choose from. I prefer the black version with the "Windows Phone" animation. It goes well with the original TP2 splash screen.

vin--If you wouldn't mind, could you post these links on Post#2 of this thread as a reference? Credit goes out to their respective authors.

Keep up the good work! I definitely appreciate it!

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