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BRLE Vogue Kitchen AKU.0.7.0 [001]

This is my second attempt at making a Vogue Kitchen. The first was released on HowardForums for cricKet users.

This kitchen is based off of XIP Ported CE OS 5.2.1933 Build 18533.0.7.0. It can be used to build ROMs for the following carriers: Alltel, cricKet, Sprint, Generic.

I tried to find a happy medium for the pagepool and set it at 12MB. You can change the pagepool before you flash if you'd like. Raising the pagepool to say 16MB would increase the speed of the phone but would cause you to have less program memory. Just use the tool included in the RUU folder.

What is included:
Upgrade drivers and XIP to 1.17 ship rom
Upgrade base to CE OS 5.2.1933 Build 18533.0.7.0
Adobe Flash Player 7
Adobe FlashLite
Adobe Reader 2.00.288531
Arcsoft MMS Verizon
Arcsoft MMS Alltel
Carrier configurations for Alltel, Sprint, Cricket, and Generic (have not slimmed down the Alltel and Sprint files yet)
Set default Contact's Area Code
HTC Cube Icons (Blue - need to fix top two icon links in blue cube)
HTC Cube Icons (Yellow - Sprint)
Custom HTC Home Plugin Icons
HTC Home Plugin 1.0.824711.0 - (Sprint)
HTC Home Plugin 2.1.1005.722 (Touch Dual)
HTC Home Plugin 4-tab 2.0.907717.0 (Vogue)
HTC Home Plugin 6-tab 1.5.620.722
Auto config X-Cricket-MDN for Cricket users as well as WAP and MMS
Numerous Themes
Numerous Registry Edits/Tweaks - better performance, battery, etc.
Clear Temp
Cyberon Voice Commander 1.1
Cyberon Voice Commander 2.0
Registry - Disable Connection Bubble
dotFred Task Manager
Registry - Enable Server Edit (Arcsoft MMS)
Flash Video Bundle
Numerous Games
HTC Action Screen (Contacts button doesn't work yet)
HTC Audio Manager
HTC Camera 5.07.28555.00 (no flash)
HTC Camera 5.07.28987.00 (no flash)
HTC CommManager 6-button
HTC CommManager 8-button
HTC CommManager 10-button
HTC Home Plug (Titan)
HTC Startup Animation
HTC Streaming Media 2.10
HTC Vogue Keyboard SIP
HTC Voice Recorder 1.10
HTC WMP Today Plugin
BigJ UI Tweaker .41
Jbed Java Sprint 200709017.4.1
Mobi Reader
PHM Notepad
PHM Reset
Phone ## Codes
Pocket IRC
Pocket RAR
Pcket XPDF
RC Mod
Running Programs
s2u2 0.85
Samsung Time Today Plugin
SIP Change
SoftKey Applet
Today Agenda
Total Commander
TouchPal SIP
Vibrating Dial Pad Tweak
WM5 New Menu
Live Search w/Voice for Sprint users

Some big THANK YOUs to:
- Amoamare for his work on the Apache's cricKet extended ROM and for working to get cricKet customizations added to the Apache kitchen
- DogGuy at PPCGeeks for his work on the 6800 kitchen and answering my questions as I worked on the Vogue Kitchen based on 1.12.651.1 Sprint ROM
- Everyone DogGuy thanked for helping him get his kitchen up and running
- Sfaure at PPCGeeks for his work on the Bluetooth stack
- dcd1182 at xda-developers for his excellent work on XIP Porting of the updated CE OS and bearing with all my questions
- to0 at HowardForums for his excellent input/support and work on the serial program and his two ROMs
- jammis, berry_lthird, and jimska78 at HowardForums for helping me test the Vogue ROMs/Kitchen when I didn’t even own a Vogue which gave me a much better overall understanding of ROM/Kitchen development
-my wife's poor phone and all the abuse it took :P (i kept "borrowing" it from her at night)
-everyone else on these forums for your input and support

DISCLAIMER: As with any other custom ROM/Kitchen, there is a risk of damaging your device. I offer no warranties in the event this happens. Please do realize, however, that there haven't been any permanent casualties reported. So far, the worst that has been reported is getting stuck in bootloader mode (multi-color screen). If this happens to you, don't freak out. Head over to PPCGeeks, and read this: Stuck in TITAN bootloader? Read this!. If you're unable to get past a specific splash screen, you may need to manually put your device into bootloader mode and install a different ROM.

A Stock Sprint Ship ROM can be found here:

Your phone will need to be unlocked using the Vogue Unlocker by ImCoKeMaN of PPCGeeks. This will allow you to flash custom ROMs. Please don't PM me asking how to use this. If you don't know, you probably shouldn't be doing this.

Now that that's out of the way... here's the link; you'll need WinRAR:

IMPORTANT INSTALLATION NOTE: You will be prompted for a serial once you install and boot into any ROM made from this kitchen. You will not be able to do anything without a serial (aside from flash a new ROM).

Here's how the serial process works: You'll be shown a code when you first boot. Send that code to the email displayed on your phone screen and I'll send you a corresponding serial to unlock the ROM.

I will give out one free serial per ROM per username on HowardForums, XDA-dev, or PPCGeeks.
This is more a test of something to0 and I have been playing with rather than anything for profit as well as preventing people from selling our work. In order to obtain a serial, you must have at least 15 posts, with the majority of them being at least a little bit constructive. Serials will not change as long as you keep the same phone number so write them down for future use.

I seem to have broken the ##3424 code in some aspects of this build but not for all carriers. I will work on it and hopefully post an update in a couple days. In the meantime, make sure you change your SPC and configure your MDN MIN and all other EPST settings before flashing if you haven't done so already. ##778 and all other codes work.

I will be around if you need a code. PLEASE NO PMs. Only email the address displayed on your phone screen or use the contact info below. Or you can contact to0 (aka mooingrhinocero in the cricKet section of HowardForums for a Vogue code)

AIM: mrfluffball
AIM: to0g
Hofo: mooingrhinocero

If you choose a carrier autorun, your serial may try to run at the same time. Don't worry about it. Just let your autorun finish and it will auto soft-reset for you. If you don't have an autorun, just tap the "OK" and the device will reset.

Make sure to use ReadMe.pdf and Enjoy Flashing with the Vogue Kitchen!! If you change your pagepool, please leave feedback in a couple days so we can compare results. Amoamare, I'd love to include your cricKet theme if it's finished and you are willing to share. Please let me know. dcd1182 and sd_matto, if you have any suggestions or feedback I would be grateful for them. Please post any bugs and if you have an OEM you would like me to test and include in the next build please let me know. I will be working on cleaning up the Sprint and Alltel junk this week and at some point creating support for Bell and Telus ROMs. If anyone who is well versed in ROM building wishes to assist me, I would welcome the help.
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