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Re: New 6.5 upgrade relock?

I've had similar issues, so I'd try flashing the stock ROM from a storage card. When all else fails, that's always fixed everything for me.

-Just download the stock ROM for your carrier, (Sprint's is here: )
-Use a program like 7-zip ( ) to get the RUU_signed.nbh file out by...
-Right-clicking the .exe in the 7-zip file manager
-Selecting "Open Inside" and then extract/drag-and-drop.
-Rename it to RHODIMG.nbh
-Drop it on a storage card
-Turn off your phone
-Hold volume down and the power button, and follow the instructions.
-After it says it completely successfully, restart the phone via the reset button or removing the battery.

If you flash via ActiveSync normally, be sure to delete/rename the RHODIMG.nbh file on your storage card or when you try to flash, it tries to load an image off of the storage card first.
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