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Sprint TP2 getting stuck in sleep mode

About a month ago my phone starting getting stuck in sleep mode. At the time I was using MM's Impact ROM. I posted on that thread and was told I probably needed to update my radio. Since I had never tried that before I decided to wait. So last week I installed the new Sprint 6.5 update. I figured that would take care of that issue since if I'm not mistaken it has an updated radio. Well I am still having the problem and it is getting worse. Just in case anyone asks, I did clear storage after I flashed the new ROM. At this point I'm wondering if the problem could be hardware related. Sometimes if I keep pushing the button it will wake up without having to do a soft reset. I am using a Seido case so it is a pain to remove the case to do soft resets several times during the day. Any help would be appreciated.
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