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Re: Using SPB Backup & Sprint 6.5

Originally Posted by boxeduphouses View Post
I used SPB Backup 2.1 to backup my PIM Data(contacts, tasks, appointments) My Doc's and Emails/Text Messages. I imported it all just fine into the new Sprint 6.5 Rom. On the previous 6.1 ROM when I would restore a backup with text messages from SPB the phone would randomly resend some of the text messages. HOWEVER this issues IS NOT OCCURRING YET when taking data from the Stock Sprint 6.1 ROM to the new Sprint 6.5 ROM. Hope this answers your question.
I just upgraded from 2.02 to 2.1 and did a backup. I then went to "Custom Backup" in the phone and only checked PIM Data (contacts, tasks, appointments), Emails & My Documents I didn't see anything for Text messages, is that part of Emails? Also if you check the emails box will that automatically setup my email pop 3 accounts in 6.5 when I restore this information or do I have to setup those email accounts all over again?

Also I downloaded the SPB 2.1 program to my memory card where I also store the backups instead of the device. Is that the correct way to do this?
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