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Re: Gorilla Glass DOES Scratch... But I Know How To Repair it.

Originally Posted by 91ludesit View Post
Why not use a screen protector to prevent scratches in the first place? That's what I've done since day one.
Originally Posted by kbussen View Post
My $.02. I dont use a screen protector because if you dont do it perfect, you get bubbles. It creates glare or a strange rainbow effect. Makes the screen grippy. Every single screen protector I have ever used, always ends up snagging on my clothes and ends up ruining it so then I have to do the process over again. Not to mention you can see it.

OP, thanks for the tip. Ill remember that if I ever get a scratch.
I usually have a Zagg protector on it, but like kbussen said, it's grippy and doesn't look as good. Plus I was under the intention that Gorilla Glass was pretty much scratch-proof until I found out otherwise. Since I've been running my Droid screen naked lately, I have become spoiled and don't really like screen protectors anymore. I hate the normal plastic screen protectors because they scratch very easily and look bad after a short time.
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