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Gorilla Glass DOES Scratch... But I Know How To Repair it.

I was cleaning my screen yesterday and I noticed 2 small, light scratches on my glass. I was pretty pissed about it because I am very careful with my phone. As a matter of fact, there isn't a single scratch anywhere else on it. As careful as I am with my Droid, I couldn't believe it was scratched. I used to paint cars, so I have several polishing compounds on hand. I decided, what the hell... I'll try a fine polish and see what happens. I have some *3M Perfect-It III-Trizact* machine glaze (n.051131-05930). It looks like this:
I applied a small amount to a microfiber cloth and polished the whole screen. Low and behold, the scratches were gone after just one application and about 10 seconds of polishing. I was amazed! It didn't even leave swirls in the glass. The main ingredients in the polish are aluminum oxide and aluminum silicate. The compound can be found at NAPA, but it is rather expensive. I think I paid $60 for a quart of it (looks like it's cheaper online from somewhere else, like $39). It is intended for professional detailers for buffing/polishing/finishing painted surfaces, but I use it for several things. If you have a nice vehicle and have some surface scratches, this stuff is the $hit. So it's worth the high price tag. I even polished the scratches out of my watch crystal!

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