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Sprint Touch Pro 2 7.1 upgrade?????

Ok guys and gals, I just wanted to let everyone know how dumb some of the tech support are over at Sprint. I called Sprint yesterday to try and confirm the 6.5 update that is supposed to happen tomorrow the 19th. When I was talking to the tech support the rep told me that Sprint had this meeting earlier in the day to talk about the upgrade and here is what the rep said. "Sprint is not going to be giving the 6.5 upgrade to the Touch Pro 2, Sprint is going to skip over that upgrade and in the second half of this year they will upgrade the TP2 to Window Phone 7.1"........WOW I said, do you know what your talking about? There is no such thing as 7.1, the rep didn't like that remark.... I proceded to tell the rep that there is no phone on this planet right now with "any" carrier that will be upgraded to the window phone 7... the rep laughed at me and insisted it was true and told me that they couldn't wait till the second half of the year to prove me wrong. So I said thanks and called back 3 seconds later and got another rep and they told me that 6.5 is scheduled for the 19th. Either the first rep is on drugs, sleeps during the meetings or someone is playing a joke with them giving them wrong info deliberately. Any thoughts??
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