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Re: Nexus One from Google Coming to Sprint; Availability Date Announced Soon

Not to continue beating this issue to death, but... I am still curious.

Comparing Nexus to Supersonic: From what I read here and on XDA, WinMo HD2 (which is supposed to be hardware equivalent to Supersonic) still does not have appropriate hardware enabled 2D/3D acceleration (thanks to HTC and Qualcomm!).

Will Supersonic be different??? What about Nexus???

Windows Phone 7, as I understand, must have this enabled according to MS. Will Google have similar requirements???

I think this is definitely one of the features where iphone is ahead of the curerently available WinMo phones.

BTW, anyone knows how Motorolla Droid is doing in this category??? (I know they use different processor, and it is not made by HTC).


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