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Spunks3's Vista Cube 2.0 Icon PackS!!!

okay, i havnt been on much latley, but i did get a chance to convert my original 3 icon packs for the 6 sided vista cube, over to Polen's Vista Cube 2.0.

it was a much faster process since he helped with providing his .psd file (took me a while to figure it out haha) but i eventually did.

there are a total of 60 icons!!!

1) If you are using the Vista Cube 2.0 im sure you realize that the shading from bottom to top is not like the original cube. in fact there is no real shading. - there are only 2 of each icon (i.e phone.brn and phonepress.brn) they can go in any of the spots on Vista Cube 2.0

2) again, thanks to POLEN!! - instead of having the shadow drop effect, there is now a cool blue coller glowing as if the icon has been pressed down outside of the screen. you'll see once you test them out

anyway, thats all i can think of for changes from my original icons. (THESE WILL NOT FIT THE ORIGINAL CUBE - EXCLUSIVLY FOR POLENS VISTA CUBE 2.0)

hopefully the cube config tool will be updated soon!

below i have included the .brn and .bmp files for each pack.

****Each zip file contains 3 zip files, packs 1, 2, and 3.

ENJOY!! - lil donations r welcome

Donations Here anythingis appreciated
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