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Re: Call Screen Picture?

Originally Posted by rainfreak View Post
Thanks, that is one that I saw over at SDX but I also saw a number of complaints in that thread of other issues, which is why I did not post that here. Are you saying that you personally did it, on a (rooted) Samsung Moment, and it worked with no ill side effects?
i have this on my moment and it works with no side effect.

the issues that occurred were that i initially started doing this without a deodex'd system (i didn't install any themes and such, so i didn't see any reason to); which means, it'd only work on my phone... so no one else could use my Phone.apk (even though it worked on my phone); and that's where most of the issues came from - other people got force closes because it was only for my phone.

the solution was to do this on a deodex'd system (but you'd have to deodex yours as well) or else just do it manually (the instructions are above). ultimately, i'm not sure if it's that worth it because like i said, google shrinks your contact pictures, so when we stretch it for the contact picture, it pixelates... unfortunately.

however, getting rid of the mute and speaker buttons is worth it.
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