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Re: For those of you old enough to remember the Touch Pro...Lets reflect shall we?

Originally Posted by Yay 4 Juggs View Post
Anyone remeber that glorious day back in 2008 when the Touch Pro was shipped to our doors? I know i do. I remember it as being the biggest flop in sprint history since dan hesse undid his belt. That device was so problematic out of the box people were up to 7 or 9 replacements by late that following spring. Can i please get a show of hands from those people who actually got a working device back from sprint? (pauses for crickets to simmer down) thats right...NONE were ever fixed. Ok now please a show of many of you updated their tp via sprints official rom update? (pauses again for the crickets)...NONE because their wasnt one until september of 09 after the release of the tp2. You all see where i am going with this? for sprint to release anything resembling a working rom update is like wiping before you dont make any sense. With the launch of windows phone 7 sprint see's no value in an update vs an upgrade. There is no charge for an update but there is a contract extension for an upgrade. I have seen the trend and can only see it continuing for the tp2. no update till after the upgrade. it's just good business sense. I for one will not fall victim to the game i have decided to give up on all windows phones from sprint and stick to android. i have 1 left if you want will cost you a moment. With that being said i would love to here your take on this so feel free to comment...criticize... or congratulate. just keep it clean
you know Juggs after you put it like that it kinda makes sense i never looked at it that way. android is kinda nice looking i dont know if i can make the big switch though.
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