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Re: Opera Browser for Android is here!

Originally Posted by Nick N View Post
I have been waiting for this...

Using I compared Opera Mini 5 vs Stock browser with 3G connection sitting at my work desk which is located in a spot where Verizon folks are always walking around with their phones in the air trying to get a signal ...

Stock browser running 1MB test:

Your speed 659.522 Kbps
Latency: 0.364 seconds
Transferred 1000KB in 12.13 seconds


Opera Mini 5 Beta running 1MB test:

Your speed: 5263.158 Kbps
Latency: 0.143 seconds
Transferred 1000Kb in 1.52 seconds

Opera Mini 5 Beta running 7MB test:

Your speed: 6922.126 Kbps
Latency: 0.127 seconds
Transferred 7000Kb in 8.09 seconds

hehe, that's cuz you're running the speedtest off of opera's servers.

i'm liking it a lot - it's now my default browser... only complaint is usage of the trackball / optical stick is a little slow and it doesn't allow to get out of the text window automatically.
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