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Re: Weird Sprint TP2 Freezing / Running Poor Issue

Originally Posted by Slipangle View Post
One email account updates every 15 minutes and the other every 2 hours. I like performance, so I don't flood the phone with junk. I can't think of what else is causing it to bog down. I just flashed it again with the Mighty Rom Impact and am going to give this a go. If I have a problem again I might flash it back to stock and call in on my insurance. It is just weird that started happening all of a sudden. That was another reason why I was wondering if it was hardware related.
If you arent loading anything (cabs) and all you have running is email and a stock update that shouldnt cause what you are explaining. It could be a hardware issue. Has your device been exposed to any extreme conditions or anything other that what it should be exposed to. if it was a software problem flashing a new rom SHOULD clear it out. if it follows you to a different rom than you may have to flash back to stock and take it in to sprint
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