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Re: Weird Sprint TP2 Freezing / Running Poor Issue

Well on the stock ROM, I had a couple cab files installed to remove the Sprint logo and little things of that sort. Other than that there was google maps and the facebook app on the stock ROM. After the mighty ROM install, I didn't install anything. I do have email configured for two Yahoo accounts. One stock symbol that only updates when I manually click update. That was it.

One thing I do notice and not sure if this is supposed to be this way. When setting the carrier provision, I choose Sprint then click Commit. The Sprint Cab installs and the device reboots. Upon reboot, I go into my carrier provisions again and Telus is green. Is there some reason why Sprint does not stay green? I just performed a factory reset on the Mighty ROM and the carrer provision always shows Telus as green when I restart the phone.
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