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Hello all,
I am new to this forum. I have been poking around looking to get some support for my Ozone and stumbled onto this web site, and I am glad I did. I posted in another section of this forum because I couldn't find this one. then someone directed me to this one.
Ok, I have had this Ozone now for about 6 months now and I love it "BUT", I am getting my 4th phone delivered to me because something is always happening to it. The Thing that seems to be the biggest issue with it is syncing. I was wondering if this is a problem with other ozone users?
The other thing is, I might have to go to another comparable phone. Most likely a Blackberry. What are the plus and minuses to a Blackberry and which one is like the Ozone? Maybe it is that I have been the most unlucky person in the world with it. It seems like most people are extremely happy with it. But for one reason or another and the number one thing wrong with it is the syncing. I really need that part of my phone. It also seems like people who use the blackberry love their blackberry's also. So if anyone here has had both I would love some feedback.

Thank You,
Arizona Bowhunter