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Re: HTC Ozone

Hard Reset: A guide for long-winded users.

Step 1: Power down the phone. If your phone is already powered down, you may skip this step. Note: Removing the battery, while technically powering down the phone, is not the correct method to make the following steps work.

Step 2: With your left hand, press and hold the VOLUME DOWN button that is located on the side of the phone. Continue pressing the VOLUME DOWN button and press the SEND button. With both the VOLUME DOWN and SEND button pressed, use your right hand to press the POWER button.

Step 3: A gray screen will appear asking you three options. Pressing the VOLUME UP button on the side of the phone will be the correct option to hard-reset your phone to ROM default.

Step 4: Press SEND to verify choice.

Step 5: Cuss loudly because you forgot to back up contacts, calendar, and email. (Optional: Crying like a little girl always makes things better.)

There you have it, a true hard-reset.