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Sprint charged me $125 for equipment wtf?

So last month sprint sent me a defective phone (TP2) where the O key didn't work. I called back within my 30 days and told them about it, so they sent me a replacement. This month when I check my bill i see a charge of $125 for "AE: Damage beyond repair". I called them up and disputed the charge, spoke to a supervisor and explained the situation calmly. I said that it might be an error because there was NO way the phone was damaged beyond repair. I was within my 30 days, had TEP and also knew what exactly was wrong with that phone - they sent me a defective unit in the first place where the only problem was that the 'O' key was not responsive on the keyboard at times. I asked them if they could prove to me that the phone was indeed damaged beyond repair and the supervisor tried contacting Advanced Tech Support who in turn said that they had no clue, all they knew was that an e-ticket had been created saying the phone was damaged beyond repair. I think this is unfair that I've been charged for something that I didn't do.
The supervisor offered me $50 in credit to settle or said that he would send the complaint to an off site team who would call me back in 3-5 business days to see if they could resolve the matter. I chose to have the complaint sent to the off-site team. I'm a bit weary about this off-site business, why in the world would they need to send a complaint somewhere else?? Anyway lets see what happens from here on. The supervisor "Greg" also gave me his employee ID. It's not about the money really, it's about being charged for something you didn't do...I think that's pretty unfair.
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