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Re: PLEASE HELP!!! TOUCH PRO 2 Stuck after flashing new rom

When mine bricked (or stuck if you prefer) the other day, I am sure I was unlocked because I went to the tri-color screen and read the 1.00.Olinex. I am not sure what rom I flashed after that, but it made it stick on the HTC Touchpro 2 screen indefinitely. I still have the phone here (along with new one), but there doesn't seem to be anything that can be done to fix it because there's no activesync connection to flash a new rom. I have left it on for an hour to see if it would cycle and no luck there either. I am fairly confident the reason was I flashed a gsm rom, but maybe there's something new in the verizon phones that is causing this? Any more insight would be appreciated.
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