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Re-installing default software.

A little background... I am new to smartphones, and specifically flashing smart phones. I have always had the most bullshit phones. However, I am very technically competent, and good with computers.

I bought a touch pro 2. I was a bit pissed off that it didn't come pre-installed with windows 6.5, so I did a little research and it lead me here. I found out how to flash my rom, and I installed a version of MightyRom. Everything worked fine. I am pleased with it.

In the process however, I lost some of the custom Sprint apps that were on there by default. Specifically a GPS program, NFL Live, an instant messenger program, Sprint TV, and Sprint Music. I didn't know that I was going to lose all of this stuff. I might not have done it otherwise.

But I know damn well that there's probably a way I can get that stuff back. If you know this way, I would appreciate the help.

Also, since I am new to this game, I would also appreciate any tips, tricks, or free software for my phone that you might deem helpful. Any help is much appreciated.
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