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Re: Alltel Diamond WORKING SMS/MMS cab!!

Originally Posted by kroozr View Post
I have a touch pro and am running a different rom. The rom supports MMS, but it's greyed out as an option to send a picture, it only gives me email as an option. So, I decided to install this cab. Instead of it being greyed out, I know have the MMS option (Picture message or video message), but when I receive a photo or send a photo it says "Unable to Send. Unable to Retreive. Retry?" Alas, to no avail, I can't seem to get it to work. I made sure that the ports, gateway, etc were all set correctly as well.

Any suggestions?
Originally Posted by fordtruckcowboy View Post
I'm using the touch pro as well.. I've been desperate to get mms working on my cell.. currently using mighty rom and tried calkulins arcsoft and could receive pictures although they were small but could not send whatsoever. this method doesn't work for me either and if anyone has found a solution for the touch pro preferably with mighty rom send me a pm or something with detailed instructions on that solution. thanks

I had the hardest time getting my mms to work properly but I have a fix for ya!

Each of these cabs are numbered.
Install 1. then reboot, install 2. then reboot, and do the same for 3. and 4. This should clear it all up...
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