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Re: Would you abandon TP2 for Verizon's Skype ability?

Originally Posted by isdnmatt View Post
It works over Verizon's 3G now and when using SIM cards when traveling as long as you have a data package on the SIM. I don't think that the feature is going to go anywhere for exisiting phones. Verizon never has blocked specific addresses, so I don't think they'll start now. Especially since a WM wasn't one of the listed compatible devices.

I hate that they put this out like such a revolutionary idea. I've been using Skype since my 6700.
Thanks for the reply.

I just checked and you're right - Skype works fine on my VZW TP2 with just 3G and no WiFi. I thought I had tried this once before and it didn't, but something else must have been going on.

When I travel, I subscribe to Skype's Unlimited calls to US/Canada for $2.95 for the month I'm gone - I can then call home as much as I want when WiFi is available, for negligible cost.

And I've just purchased an EKit SIM card, which will give me a U.S. number for my family to call me, and my rate for those incoming calls is only $.19/minute in the places where I'm traveling, which is also quite reasonable for when WiFi isn't available.
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