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Internet connection issues with SPRINT?

(Sorry if this is posted in the wrong forum, I didn't know where to post....)

I have an HTC Touch and live in Chicago. On friday, I noticed that my battery was draining really fast and my phone was getting really hot. Then I noticed that the little arrows by the EV box were always lit. I tried to get on IE and it would say connecting and then locating but then would get stuck on locating. Nothing would load. anything that needed an internet connection would not load at all. Once I went into the connection manager and killed the data connection and restarted IE forcing to to connect again, my phone would connect to the internet and be fine for about an hour or so (sometimes less, sometimes more). Then, same thing...stuck on locating.

I called sprint twice and both times they said everything looked good from their end and thought it was the device. I brought it to a sprint tech store and they looked at it and said they didn't know.

Anyone else on Sprint having similar problems lately??

Now, I can only think it has to do with Sprint's servers. I tried to change my DNS servers to open DNS but they won't stick. Anyone know how to change them in the HTC touch? I think that is the culprit, that sprint's servers are bad and causing my phone to have to try and constantly connect and draining my battery.

Anyone know any other good work arounds?

Side note, I made a new connection called New DNS, used #777 as the number, plugged in my username and password from and used OpenDNS servers and this seems to work ok. Is there a chance I will get charged by sprint for doing this???

Thanks in advance!!!
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