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Re: Arabic language on Touch Pro2

Originally Posted by WhiteBlazer01 View Post
Not sure what the problem is, the solution I gave you above works great for me. I'm on EnergyROM Feb 7th WM 6.5.5 & Sense 2.5, and here is some proof (my timing was bad for the keyboard, but you get the point).

Thanks for the reply again, I installed yesterday on my phone runing Mightyrom 6.5 with sense 2.1 released on02/04/10, after I installed it missed with the calibration of the screen on my phone. some button wont response to my touch I even used the stylus and still no response on the screen touches, and the phone got so slow that going from screen to screen it took about a min or 2. I might try it on a clean install of mightyRom and see how it works, it is the best Rom I tried on my phone so far. thanks again for the reply
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