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Re: 1st time Android/Moment User w/?'s

1.Ok is there some setting that I have to go to in order to have it spell check and auto complete words because its not doing it?? I have sent text and spelled words wrong on purpose and it does nothing.

2. I did pay for (1.99 + tax) and download lock 2.0 and the only thing it did was give me a cool look skin and a slider bar to use in order to unlock. I did email the devolper to see if something went wrong because according to the listing it should give me the option to set a password lock amoung other things. Any ideas on what might have gone wrong with this program??

3. I also noticed a lot of programs running in the back ground. When I bought the phone from best buy they recommended advance task killer to help manage programs running in the back ground on all the time. Has anyone had any experince with this program or would recommend it or another?? I did d/l it and it seems to work fine just not sure if its the best one out there.

(before i d/l advance task killer I click on music icon and it started to play some of my mp3's that I loaded from my old phone, but the problem was there was not way to turn it off....the only thing i could do was pause the song but not shut off the music. I was able to once i d/l advance task killer) there some trick to turning off music once you start to play it??

Is there anyway for me to see what programs are running in the back ground with out having to run something like advance task killer??

Is there anyway to spice up my text page, and emial page? I mean when i click on message's or email is just brings up a plain black boring screen that has the names of my email accounts or text......also is there anyway to filter my text messages by date vs by who which is what it seems is default for the phone.

I know some of the things i listed above might seem small and pety, but I paid for the phone and really want this phone to work out however I want to be able to enjoy all the creature comforts that I have had on most of my previous phones.

So thanks again for any help and feedback
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