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[APPS LIST]Recommended apps for rooted phones!!!

Ok, I found this info here and decided to post it here. I have used the OverClock Widget and now my Moment runs/responds a lot better than before. All of these apps are for rooted phones only. Most of these apps can be found on the market.

1.aNetshare-tethers your 3G/Edge.
2.AdFree-blocks ads in ad supported apps.
3.Bluetooth File Transfer-allows you to share files via bluetooth.
4.Overclock Widget-allows you to adjust cpu for speed or battery life.
5.Root Explorer-allows you to browse all your file including Android system and data files as well as move stuff around and other great things.
6.Droid Explorer-A program for your computer, kinda like a GUI root explorer.
7.TA Utility-move cache to sd for some cache heavy apps, it frees up phone space.
8.user.conf creator- allows you to modify settings like enabling compcache or swap as well as other high level tweeking(this will not brick you but can put you in a bootloop, advanced users only)
9.Swapper-allows you to use swap for virtual memory for apps like, music player, browser and other memory hogs.
10.drocap2-screen shot app.
11.Backup for root users-backups up mostly everything.
12.CallBlocker-blocks any number you want.
13.Louder Volume hack-self explanatory.
14.SU File Manager & Terminal- this is a terminal with a vk and is like root explorer, this is one of the most versatile apps on Android.
15.Terminal Emulator- allows you total control over your phone as super user, can make scripts, run scripts copy and remove anything.
16.SuperUser Whitelist-allows superuser permissions to apps that need root access.
17.Quick Boot - an easy way to reboot the phone with one click and there's an option to reboot into recovery and fastboot/bootloader mode.
18.Wired Tether - enables you to tether through your usb connection.
19.Wifi Tether - tethers your 3G or EDGE connection wireless to your computer.
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