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Re: Help - Touch Diamond - Not answering phone calls

Originally Posted by bry21317 View Post
I have a Sprint HTC Diamond and I love it. My only problem is that, I am unable to answer phone calls at times. It will not allow me to answer a call when the call comes in, using either the answer button on the TS or the Hardware button to pick up the phone.

It seems to be getting worse. I have tried cleaning up the phone, but I pretty much just have a stock Diamond with some softwared installed.

Here is the information that I have on my phone.
Rom Version 1.09.651.5
Rom Date 8/04/08
Radio Version 1.00.00f
Hardware Version 0080

Installed Programs are
Oz Instant Messaging
Triangle Powers Diamond Hacks
GsensorCalibrator Cab
Gravity Mobile MUSICID
Garmin Mobile XT
Microsoft Live Search
PHM Registry Editor
Sprint Picture Mail
SPB Full Screen Keyboard
Digital Cyclone MyCast
Google Search
Microsoft .net CF 3.5
Zio Tiger Woods PGA Tour
J.S/ Advanced Configuration Tool 3.3
Schaps Advanced Task Manager
Schaps Registry Editor
SPB Poket Plus
Divx INC DivxPlayer
03Touch 03Touch
Zipiik USBtoPCPopup
Anryl Opera 9.5 1938 Update only
Anryl My Mobile Application
Skype Software SARL Skype for Windows
PocketCM Keyboard .14
Montecristoff Diamond Tweak
Anf Ticker Tape Idialer
Vicsoft Keyswop Mobile Tipper Gps Compass
Vicsoft ClearTemp
HOP HButton
SKKV Software GSEN Icontact
SPB Brain Evolution Enalbe WLAN G MODE
Logmein, INC Remote Control
Google Maps

Total Storage Memory Avail 18,056K

PLEASE Someone tell me what is causing it so that I can't answer phone calls. All other functions of this PHONE are awesome, just having something thats not allowing me to answer calls. It sometimes allows me to, but other times I have to call them back.


this happened to me as well and i found that it was montecristoff hd tweak....i quickly removed this from my phone!!!
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