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Re: ebook reader software for tp2

Originally Posted by Paragon View Post
So your main criteria for an ereader is that it organizes book in chronological order?

for instance, you got all the tom clancy jack ryan series, all the nick linnear series by v lustabder, all the bourne series, hannibal series, etc...

with stanza i can make a collection out of each set. with in each set i can manually arrange them so that i can read them in chron/published order without having to memorize what goes first or looking it up everytime i'm ready for a new read. i could make subfolder after subfolder and then rename all my books to have a 1, 2, 3 etc in front of them but why should i? calibre keeps the collection info and i can do it in stanza.

i can also display books by author, tags/categories, recently read, or recent downloads. stanza was the only reason why i bought the ipod touch - it had the best ebook reader that i could find plus it fit in my pocket. the kindle was my choice until i found stanza.

seems like there's a really nice ebook reader for android that may be as good as stanza. i forgot the name but it's a paid app for about $2 or free if you tolerate ads.
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