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Re: Big problem..!!!! Need help asap

First of all, turn off your Caps Lock. Looks like you are shouting.

So if I understand you correctly, you did a HardSPL ROM unlock on your phone and loaded up one of the custom ROMs. You now need to return the phone?

If so, you will need to flash back to the Stock ROM and relock your phone.

You did not mention which carrier you use, but here are links to Verizon, and Sprint stock ROMs. I could not find ones for AT&T or T-Mobile, but perhaps someone else can chime in.

Verizon OEM Update

Stock Sprint ROM available here.

Once you have loaded back the stock ROM you need run the relock application found at the bottom of this page:

[HSPL-UNLOCKER] - - Rhodium W HardSPL

Good luck!
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