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bricked HTC HERO

update notice on my htc hero after install it wont turn back on no more
update for htc hero 2.1
my phoen stopped working
cant boot up
cant go in recovery
i went to tech support n they told me i need to pay 120 dollars for something
they wouldnt tell me wat it was
i called in htc support center
n they said tehy will send me a replacement phone with in 2 to 3 busines days
im glad im getting new phone
but thats not the case there need to b a way to unbrick it right?
i mean why have the recovery adb if u cant use it?
cant recover dats pretty sad . i think we wud need some work on dat
im wiling to use my old bricked htc hero for testing of anykind up to 15days
i even tryied running the "RUU_Hero_C_Sprint_1.56.651.2_signed_release" from my desktop n it wouldnt find my phone
the light donest turn red while charging
and cant resset it in anyway
i dont think there is any way out of dis situation dat im in
so im jsut going to replace the phone!
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