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Re: Process - What's Normal?

To prevent some of these programs from automatically starting up you can remove their .lnk file from the /windows/startup folder. However, most are needed.

ctlpnl.exe is WM control panel
manila.exe is HTC TF3D can remove if you don't use
voicecmd.exe remove if you don't use voice command
poutlook.exe email client, can remove if you don't use email
repllog.exe activeSync communication port, leave alone
cprog.exe leave alone
BTTrayCE.exe bluetooth driver
connmgr.exe connection manager used by PIE, activesync etc. needed
services.exe used to start and stop services
shell32.exe is a Windows file (32 bit OS) not sure why its there
gwes.exe user interface for your graphics etc.
device.exe loads drivers like touch screen, display etc. leave alone
filesys.exe leave alone
NK.EXE is the OS kernel, leave alone

Hope this helps.
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