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Re: Treo Pro and 2016 sms HotFix?

I should have been more specific... let me explain please...

I've been aware, have researched, pointed out to wmexperts (as anonymous) their 'solution' was only a work a round, etc etc etc etc etc.

I've searched not only ppcgeeks but xda and the web and numerous other wireless sites.

Yes, we have ziggys work a round. But it's only changing the date to the phones date when the text arrives. so if the text is sent last night, when your phone was off, and when you turn it on in the morning, it will look as though the text was sent right then.

In other words... it's a nice work a round for the problem. It's appreciated. But it's not the 'proper' fix. I believe a proper fix would have it work like it use to, displaying the text with the time stamp of "when it was sent", not when your phone received it.

HTC has created (I believe any way!) the proper fixes for a couple of it's phones (there may be more). One is the TP2. I've tried applying the fix to the Treo Pro but it won't install.

Basically I started the thread hoping someone would eventually find or know of a "proper fix" for the Treo Pro.

Is that making sense? errr no, not sense ui

regards all,