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Re: Complete Verizon TouchPro 2 Help & How-To


* How many email accounts can my device support? 6 accounts; 1 Exchange and 5 POP3/IMAP4 accounts.

* How do I set up my e-mail? Scroll to the Mail tab in TouchFLO 3D and tap on New Account. If you want to setup a second mailbox, tap Menu > Accounts > New Account. Enter your email address and password and the device will automatically configure your POP3 or IMAP4 email account.

* How do I send an SMS from my device? To create an SMS message, scroll to the Messaging tab of TouchFLO 3D and tap the New Message icon. Enter the 10 digit wireless number or select from your Contacts (Menu > Add Recipient). Enter message text and tap Send.

* What types of email does my device support? Microsoft Exchange, IMAP4 and POP3.

* Can I add my signature when replying to e-mails on my device? In Messaging on your device, tap Menu > Options > Signatures. Select an account and then select Use signature with this account and Use when replying and forwarding. You can then enter a signature.

* How do I set my device to store attachments from received e-mails to the storage card automatically? Tap Start > All Programs > Messaging > Menu > Options > Storage and then select the When available, use this storage card to store attachments check box.


* What encoding format for video capture is supported?
Still image: JPEG
Video: 3GPP2, H.263, H.264, MPEG4
Burst/Sport: JPEG

* Windows Media Player won't recognize all of the music files that I loaded on my device, why? Your device will only recognize files types that it supports. Below are the supported file types:

Video format supported: WMV, ASF, MP4, AVI, and RM Real Media.
Audio format supported: AMR, AAC, WAV, WMA, MP3

If your device is not recognizing the files, your library may need to be updated. Go to Start > Windows Media > Menu > Update library. This will start a scan that will look for all audio/video files on the device and update the library to show all compatible files.

* How do I access the camera function on my device? Tap on Start > Camera or scroll to the Pictures and Videos tab of TouchFLO 3D and tap the Camera icon to launch the camera.

* How do I change my Camera capture mode? From within the Camera application, tap on the Show Nav button then on Capture Mode button. Choose the desired capture mode.

* I have taken a picture and would now want to send it to my friend, how can I do that? From the camera screen, tap the Send icon and choose the method you want to send the image.


* How can I enable the speakerphone? While on a call, simply turn the device over and place it screen down on a table. The device will turn into a speakerphone.

* How do I use the Voice Command software? Press and hold the Talk button to launch Voice Command. Say "Help" for instructions.

* How do I launch the Phone to make a call? Tap the Talk/Send button to launch the Phone application. Simply start dialing numbers using the on screen keyboard. You can also start typing the name of the contact from the home screen or from within the Phone application.

* How can I view/change CDMA or GSM call services and settings? Tap Start > Settings >All Settings > Personal (tab) > Phone > CDMA Services or GSM/UMTS Services.

Power and Battery:

* How long should it take to charge my battery? Your battery can take up to 3 hours to fully charge using the AC charger. It will take much longer using the USB as that is the trickle charge function.

* Why does it take so long to charge my device using the USB? The USB cable acts as a trickle charger so it will take longer than if you were using an AC charger. While the USB will work, it is recommended to use the AC charger, especially if the battery level reaches 10% or below.

* How can I optimize my battery’s performance? There are a few settings that you can change on your device that will preserve battery life.

•Turn off Bluetooth or Wi-Fi if you are not actively using it
oDisable Bluetooth: Tap Start > Comm Manager then tap Bluetooth
oDisable Wi-Fi: Tap Start > Comm Manager then tap Wi-Fi

•Adjust the settings for your Backlight. Lowering the brightness and timeout will decrease battery consumption.
oSteps: Go to Start > Settings >All Settings > System (tab) > Backlight

•Turn off any unnecessary audible notifications (email, SMS, etc.)
oSteps: Go to Start > Settings >All Settings > Personal (tab) > Sounds & Notifications > Notifications

•Customize your push email synchronization interval. Manual synchronization will save the most battery life while As Items Arrive will drain the battery more quickly.
oSteps: Go to Start > ActiveSync > Menu > Schedule

•Stop unnecessary programs that are running in the background or soft reset the device periodically.
o Stop running programs: Tap the Task Manager shortcut (drop down icon in the upper right corner of the Today screen). Select desired action from drop down menu.
o Soft reset the device: Insert the stylus into the reset hole located on the bottom of the device.

* Why won’t my device power on? Your battery may be drained or is not seated correctly. Try removing and reinserting the battery. If no success, try charging the device using the AC Charger. You will see an amber light while charging. Once charged, it changes to a green light.

NOTE: The End/Hang-up button is the power button on the Touch Pro2 for Verizon. The button on the top edge of the device simply controls the backlight.
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