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Re: Custom ROMS for Business

Originally Posted by ChristopherJLee View Post
i'm a heavy business user, i carry 2 extra batteries at all times and have chargers in my bedroom, my office, all 3 of my cars, work, and my girlfriend. i have tried silence with sense 2.1 which was fantastic bc of speed and battery life. i tried mightyrom war for 2 days but it was too buggy and laggy for my tastes. after hearing silence left development for the iphone, i found out that there is a beta with sense 2.5 which i am currently using. I'm going to stay with it, once wm7 comes out i'll switch to someone else's rom but his works pretty damn well

EDIT: at my girlfriends, not in her
With the custom roms how do you do the PRL updates any other SPRINT or service related upgrades..
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