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Exclamation Custom ROMS for Business

Im a business professional and I use my phone to the fullest. Theres not one feature on my TP2 that I dont use everything from MMS all the way to alarms and the calendar. I like the Sense 2.5 thats out I believe or the one with the motion weather background. Im sure I can impress some clients and vendors with that one when I whip out my cell. My question is what custom rom can I use that can accommodate those needs. I need the Sprint TV, Navigation, Nascar, and NFL Mobile. Some custom roms I read dont work right in landscape mode or the MMS dont work. Some Ive read that they are battery hogs but easy on RAM. I was going to go with Silence ROM since alot of people was saying that his is pretty good on stability and speed. But Ive heard that he wont be making any more ROMS. Then of course the other options is Mighty ROMs but I heard his have some bugs and other issues as well. I know this might be beating a dead horse. But I feel this is a legit question.
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