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Re: Arcsoft MMS freeze/hang issues

Big thanks to FishingMedic. I tried both cabs at the link he provided. The first one ( was just as bad as my original client, and it wouldn't download MMS messages. I'm sure it could have been fixed in the registry, but since it was still slow and locking up, I didn't bother to troubleshoot it.

The 2nd CAB ( works great after 2 days of testing. There's still the occasional brief hang, but it's only a couple seconds and is barely an inconvenience. It's a lot better than where I started, which is weird because they're apparently the same version. I don't know what's up. All I can say is that it's working a LOT better now.

As an added bonus, my RAM usage is down 8% on average, and the phone just seems a little snappier in general. I can only guess the old ArcSoft client was doing some stuff in the background and/or possibly had a memory leak or errant process.

Here's my config, in case anyone else has problems and wants to try to troubleshoot.

Sprint TouchPro 2 unlocked (ROM unlock only, no security unlock)
MightyROM Sprint 103009 (Winmo 6.5 base, Manila 2.1)
ArcSoft MMS from link above

I've got a lot of other stuff on my phone, but I don't think any of it is relevant to the SMS/MMS issue I was having.
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