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Cool Miller_V17.0_23569 (06/07/10)

First I would Like to Thank all who helped make this Possible!
You know who you are!

I'm not responsible for your Device!

Just and FYI, These ROM's are the latest but not the greatest from M$!
There will be bugs! If you want a 100% Stable ROM this is not for you! This is 99.9%...

ScreenShot of Version 17.0 SYS 23569

Again, these are new builds so there will be issues, post them here and maybe someone will be able to help.
I hope to keep updating the builds as the come out, I tend to stay with the 6.5.x builds. (Start Bar on bottom)
I only use certain applications and don't really get a chance to test everything... So let me know if there is any problems!
I try to keep the app's up to-date but if I don't see any need too I won't update it. (For Example: M2D, I happy with it )

You MUST have A Radio Version of 3.42.30+ for this ROM to work...
If you don't know what this means READ the Link Below


**Any Apps you want to install using Tier AutoInstall place them on the ROOT of your SD Card before Flash.
**i.e. Add your Carrier CAB...

How to Flash this ROM...
Step 1. Enter Bootloader Mode by Holding down the Power Button, and Camera Button, then Press the Reset Button and plug your device into your PC.
Step 2. Run the ROMUpdateUtility.exe
Step 3. Follow The Steps and Wait
Step 4. Once you see the Screen that says "Tap the Screen ...", wait another 15 seconds or so! (Allowing for all the apps to load in the backround)
Step 5. Align Screen (Tip: Press lightly)
Step 6. Set Date and Time, Hit Next.
Step 7. The Phone Will now be loaded... Tap the Top Left Conner of the Screen and Select Tier Autoinstall
Step 8. Select your Cabs you want that are stored in your SD Card, and Hit Install.
Step 9. Device Will soft reset when done!
Step 10. Enjoy!

Don't forget to Say THANKS!

Build Numbers at what they mean! Posted By Joojoobee666...

Some Important Settings...
Camera Button:
    One click will do nothing. (Because it is so easy to hit :???:)
    Two clicks will give you XDAShutdown.
    Three Clicks will give you My FlashLight Program. (Still working on it :smile:)
Press and Hold will bring up the camera. 

You can change these setting by going to "Program Files/AE Button Plus/Settings(or something close)"

To change the keyboard you press and hold the keyboard button until the SIP Comes up. I only have SPB Keyboard and transcriber installed however, any other you recommend?
Known Bugs:
    SPB Keyboard Settings/Options Does Not Work.

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