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Re: What is the best wifi phone for sprint Moment./ Hero or Touch Pro 2?

i have a friend that absolutely loves his hero and texts like mad on it... i hate onscreen keyboards for myself though (swype is the ONLY exception). the hero has sense which is a bit more polished of a UI as opposed to the moment which has the bare android interface. hero has a better camera and as mentioned above they both have capacitive touch screens. the moment has an amoled display which is prety impressive. as far as i know though aside from that there isn't much difference in the capabilities of the phones. the keyboard imho is the biggest dealmaker/dealbreaker between the two.

i can honestly say for myself that if i hadn't gotten a free upgrade to the tp2 i would either be still runnin the tp1 or upgraded to the moment... the tp2 is just too darn pricey and as customizable as winmo is, android devices running almost the same software are waaaay more affordable
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