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Customize Vibrate/Ring settings more???

I am having trouble setting up sounds the way I would like them and am wondering if there is a program or registry tweak I can do to get them how I like...
When I put the phone on
Normal: I'd like
Ringtone for phone call, short beep for text, long beep for e-mail
Vibrate: I'd like
Pulsing Vibrations for phone call, one vibrate for text (LED flah), 2 for e-mail (no LED flash)
LED flash for text and e-mail, nothing for phone call...

I can change things a little but they don't seem to be affected by the profile, for example I can set my phone to vibrate and LED flash for a text but it will do that on Silent/Vibrate/Normal... and it also vibrates three times which is a little annoying...

Let me know if there is anything I can do!
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