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Sound quits during movie using BT stereo headset

I have the Sprint TP2 w/stock ROM and cleanup cab installed, Plantonics 855 stereo headset, and was watching a ripped DVD on WMP10 (encoded MP4 at 640x??). After about 1 hour, the sound dies. To get the sound back, I have to go into settings and cycle BT off and on. I tried turning off the headset, but the BT icon shows it's still connected. Standard expletives were of no use, either. It almost seems like BT communications gets stuck on the TP2. I've had a few other minor issues with BT using the phone, but nothing major. Also, my battery dropped quickly to 0% today with minimal usage, although I did watch about 1 hour of video and listen through my 855 headset.

Any ideas? Thanks!
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