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Question Re: Sprint Vogue troubles AGAIN flashing at 29% then stopping???

OK this is a

Sprint vogue 6900

It came with win 6.1 I attempted to load 6.5 on it about a month ago... and I locked up the phone to the point where SPRINT and others where telling me the phone was an "expensive paper weight"... TMZ, from this site ... assisted me (via my wifes phone) and got the phone running back to factory... in like just a few minutes...

In the meanwhile I sucessfully loaded ::: ( not sure which one but a 6.5 rom ) and it worked fine for the MEANWHILE like a month .... OK...

Then a couple days ago... I decided to see if I could load another 6.5 rom on .... to fix small issues with the other one like 'titanium weather' etc.

from that point on I have not been able to flash the factory rom or put any other roms on the phone except:::

( a 6.5 rom )
from where I cant remember at this point

this rom will load and seems to run fine for a short time then it RESTARTs the PHONE.... repeatedly....

And, that is where I am at in this moment.... 10:51pm on a MONDAY night here....