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First Turn on PC Bluetooth and set it to "Be Discoverable"

Then on a touch screen device
1. Turn on your device and the accessory and position them within several feet of one another.
2. Tap Start > Settings > Connections tab > Bluetooth.
3. Tap the Mode tab.
4. Select the Turn on Bluetooth check box, and then select the Make this device visible to other devices check box.
When you turn your device on, it can detect other devices that use Bluetooth, but other devices will be unable to detect your device unless you have made your device visible to other devices.

5. Tap OK.
6. Tap the Devices tab.
7. Tap Add new device. Your device searches for other Bluetooth-enabled devices and displays them in a list.
8. Tap the name of the Bluetooth-enabled accessory, and then tap Next.
9. In the Passcode field, enter the passcode for the accessory. A passcode is a numbers-only password that helps to increase security. You can find the passcode in the manufacturer's documentation.
10. Tap OK.

NOTE: for WMDC (Vista) you do not need to designate a port. ActiveSync requires you to specify com port.
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