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Re: Slightly OT: Universal Voice Lag in all Cell Phones?

Originally Posted by w7excursion View Post
I can only test with another cell phone since I dont have a landline and do not know anyone with one. If you have access to two landlines with different numbers try your test and see if there is lag.
Actually cell phone to cell phone would, if anything, accentuate the lag if it is present, since both phones would be subject to it. What do you find if you do that - do you speak and hear simultaneously between the 2 phones?

I don't have 2 land-lines to test it out, but I know that I'll sometimes use Google Voice to place phone calls to land-lines (using my land line as well), and there is definitely no noticeable lag. There is no 'talking over each other' as I definitely experience with our cell phones.

I can't believe I'm the only one with this problem, but again maybe there's something funky in the unholy Alltel-Verizon union in my part of the country (NC). It really drives me crazy and makes me not want to talk on my cell.
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