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Re: Is there a way to force EVDO only on TP2?

The TP2 won't show the "hidden mode operation page", probably to do with the cdma/gsm combo on the tp2.

You can still change to evdo only, FIRST you have your "MSL" number (call your carrier and ask for it or search here on how to get it)

Once you have your msl, you need to get into the EPST tool, this can be done by entering codes on your phone, on Sprint dial ##778# - EPST - Advanced Programming, on Verizon I think you use the ##778 then hit send.

Select "Edit" and enter your msl.........EPST screen opens, now at the bottom select "view info", and a popup window "modem settings"........highlight "preferred mode" and at the bottom hit "menu" then for EVDO find "HDR" and select it and hit OK at bottom and hit "update item" and "reset"

To switch back do everything again and select "automatic" instead of HDR.

If you can't open EPST with the codes on your phone pad, you can still open it by finding it in your "windows" folder on your phone and clicking on it (select EPST.lnk not EPST.exe) my current Rom doesn't support phone codes so I just made a shortcut of the EPST.lnk in my start menu. for easy access.

It may seem like a long way to do it and it soft resets your phone to change it, but WTF can you do....the easy change option isn't on the TP2, I even tried to create string entries for it in the registry, but it wouldn't work, it appears the option resides in rilphone.dll or another dll.

It's actually really fast to change it, once you do it a couple of times.

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