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Re: Sprint will now charge you $4.99 a month if you don't have automatic credit card

I swear every thread in this forum is tears.
Guess I am not one of MOST PEOPLE.

OOOOhh your right Sprint doesnt have the HD2 and neither does VZW. Why? Cause HTC said GSM only. Kind of lame to QQ about a phone that neither CDMA carrier is getting. "and I have the greatest phone on the market and can utilize any U.S. network." WHAT? I think you mean you can use it on ATT or Tmobile. That said you wont be using 3g on ATT as I thought the bands were different. So you will get edge when on ATT. Also you arent using it on VZW or Sprints network.

I just love how people will give of coverage the main important factor behind so many of the phones features for a cool phone. If we were in Asia where GSM is king and coverage is great yeah. Here we know who has the best coverage and it aint GSM.

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