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Re: At the TF3D tab, can I flip through e-mail preview like you can in pics?

Well I just tried it again and I can't get it to work.

I can switch accounts NP

I can open a mail with just a tap, NP

Now that you guys have told me I have tried it and with a mail open, with a left to right swipe I can move from mail to mail, and in that mode I can scroll up and down the mail fine.

But as far as in just the preview mode (one with the little crooked envelope) I cannot progress from what ever the first e-mail that is displayed to the next no matter how much I swipe up and down, and either with my figure or the stylist and with any amount of pressure or degree of swipe amount or angle.

Note a left to right swipe no matter at what height, will flip to next tab.

If I had to best describe this it would seem to me to be completely deactivated, although I don't know how I could have done this.

Anyone have any ideas?
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